For this project I made two characters based on a set of vintage salt and pepper shakers I was gifted. My goals were to utilize my experience as a character modeller as a base to relearn surfacing using Substance Painter, and to explore particle systems in the fur of the characters and field in the environment.
Characters were modelled in Blender, textures made in Substance Painter, and final render done using Cycles.
The main source of inspiration for this project was this set of vintage salt and pepper shakers.
First up was the baby cat.
Beginning with a very rough sculpt to map out the facial landmarks, most of the topology was built up "freehand." Once modelled, the character was posed using shape keys.
Fur was groomed using Blender's particle systems, and textures were made using Substance Painter.
Once the baby cat was completed, the mama cat was built as a variation. 
In addition to the two characters, a few additional props needed to be modelled and surfaced. 
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