This model was made as a college assignment where we were tasked with re-designing an existing robot as their younger sibling. My robot of choice was of course, Pixar's Wall-E.
The process began with a series of quick sketches which helped to determine silhouette and allowed me to explore a variety of different ideas.
Wall-E is already one of the cutest robots I can think of, so I found it a challenge to re-design him without falling into the trap of just making a smaller version of the original design.
After settling on an idea, I fleshed out the sketch a bit and determined a colour palette before beginning to model.
The goal of this assignment was to make a nice looking final product and to explore new tools and scripts along the way. I used this opportunity to work with higher subdivisions, scripts like Cable for Maya, and tools like the Paint Duplicate Objects tool to quickly place screws over the body of the model. 
This project was rendered using V-Ray. Base materials, lights and a camera were set up in Maya, and the final image was composited in Photoshop, including a detailed paint-over pass.
Use the slider below to see the final product before and after the paint-over pass.
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